Healthy heart makes life run smoothly


Heart is treated as the hub of life. The beatings of heart are the rhythm of life. Heart should always be kept healthy so that it functions properly at every moment. Here are some of the procedures to keep the heart healthy.

Proper intake of food without eating much like overloading the stomach should be maintained. Sometimes excessive intake of food can create ailments in heart. The intake of quality food should be followed in the diet like good nutritious diet with low calorie and intake of fruits and green vegetable should be maintained. Whole grains should be included in the diet as it helps to maintain blood sugar level. Low fat and cholesterol free food should be consumed.

Exercise should be done depending on various factors like age, health and environment. Before exercise proper training should be taken so that it does not affect the heart at all. But proper breathing exercise should regularly be conducted to keep the heart in a good and stable position.

If any problem arises in the heart doctor should be consulted at once without any delay and proper instructions should be followed.

If there is addiction habit such as smoking, drinking maintained, it should be stopped immediately without any second thought. This addiction makes the heart weak and kills. In place of that people should develop healthy habit of walking in the morning and drinking lots of water.

Too much of work pressure leads to tension that might create heart problem. People should at least have a good sleep of 8 hours a day without any stress. Thus, healthy heart is secret of living longer life.