Holistic Health and Holistic Alternative Medicine for Human


    The word “holistic” means the whole part of the body and not a single part considering as individual. The alternative medicine curing not only certain localized illness but whole body both outward and inward is called holistic alternative medicine. Holistic health indicates a person to be healthy as a whole throughout the body. In medicinal world the concept of holistic health take into consideration of well being of physiological physical and mental health. Even this concept deals with spiritual and social well being of a human life.

    Why this type of concept is adopted?

    Holistic medicines provide the facilities as required by the patients or we can say according to the patient’s need, so this concept is much more acceptable in today’s world. A person undergoing holistic alternative medicine will overcome the disease as well as the spiritual, mental, social, physical and environmental imbalance of the person. In these kind of treatments the spiritual aspect is given more emphasis in the well being of the person as a whole.

    Holistic Health Practises:

    • Ayurveda
    • Aromatherapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Naturopathy
    • Homeopathy
    • Herbal treatment
    • Yoga

    The above mentioned therapies are specialised for the holistic alternative medicine. Same as these there are also some therapies which are only for mind that is for relaxation of full mind and the proper functioning of the nervous system which controls all the instant and autonomous reactions of our body. The therapies are as follows:

    • Psychotherapy
    • Psycho spiritual
    • Therapeutic story telling
    • Cosmology
    • Hypnotherapy

    Sleeping being a part of holistic treatment:

    Many of the doctors prescribe to sleep as to recover faster. Sleeping is one kind of both physical and mental exercise that can heal most kind of diseases. Now days due largely pressurised working schedules, one get very less time to sleep, but it has been scientifically proved that sleeping regularly gives a pleasant natural therapy to the whole body. As the whole body remains straight and silent the brain and all the cranial nerves get relaxed while the basal metabolic rate (BMR) also increases. This natural therapy helps in digestion, relief from high blood pressure, intense nervous stress and many different issues.

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    Examples of common diseases and respective holistic treatments:

    The common diseases found in almost every person irrespective of age, sex are high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, chronic headaches, and nervous disorder. The reasons have been already discussed above. The remedial measures are as follows:

    1. Regular exercises
    2. Good diet well maintained with calories distributed equally
    3. Healthy nutritional supplements
    4. Avoiding unnecessary stress and tension
    5. Yoga and meditation

    The most important topic of discussion would be that cancer is now cured by this treatment. The mainstream medicines which are prescribed by the doctors are always not reliable in the cases of fatal diseases like cancer. Even the American cancer Society also believe that holistic alternative medicine and complimentary medicines are preferable than the chemically synthesised medicines. The reason behind this choice of acceptance is the treatment is less painful, with fewer side effects which are the main concern of the patients. A patient suffering from cancer in most of the cases lose hope of surviving and they get mentally misbalanced. So for them this holistic alternative medicine is more preferred as it helps curing by complete well being of the one.