How chronic sleep deprivation affects the health

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Sleep deprivation can be described as a condition in which there is lack of adequate sleep or a person is deprived of sleep. There are two types which include acute and the chronic sleep deprivation respectively. The chronic one is more dangerous and can be characterized by symptoms like fatigue, loss of weight, slowness and daytime sleepiness.
The fact is that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to other health problems or illnesses and that it is increasing across the world especially in USA. There are many health problems that are usually thought be to unrelated to sleeping problems like insomnia, but this is not so, as different health problems occur due to this form of sleep deprivation too. There are many health ailments that relate directly to chronic sleep deprivation and they are mentioned below.
1. Hypertension

Many studies have shown that people, who sleep for five hours or less than this, are unable to regulate hormones and this can lead to increase in blood pressure.
2. Heart Disease

One study shows that heart disease is directly related or can trigger chronic sleep deprivation. That is there are changes in the metabolic functions, in the endocrine gland as well as increase in the function of sympathetic nervous system and there is a decrease in the insulin sensitivity as well.
3. Obesity

According to astudy conducted by Spiegel, inadequate sleep decreases the leptin secretion which is a hormone that reduces appetite by eighteen percent and increases hormone ghrelin by twenty eight percent.

4. Brain Fog

Brain is the most important organ within the body and it controls every function that takes place. It needs rest so that it can function normally, but if it is unable to do so then concentration level decreases and this can lead to memory loss.
5. Depression

If a person is suffering from depression then he will not able to take adequate sleep. As his mind will be disturbed with a problem or issue at hand and he cannot have a peace of mind at all.
6. Slower Reaction Time

A person who is deprived of sleep cannot concentrate well or remain focused at all. It is difficult for him to perform the tasks at his workplace and he cannot drive correctly tool that is he will be slow to respond and may accelerate or apply brakes at the right time.It is imperative that a person gets treated for chronic sleep deprivation before it escalates to more problems and affects his health adversely. It is important that the mental and physical health of a person is not affected due to lack of sleep or else he may decide to use medicines to relive him of the symptoms. But medicines or drugs are not good, but brain entrainment can be done which will enable him to take adequate sleep in the night.


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