How to handle cases of Near Drowning


Near Drowning is a case when a person was almost in the verge of drowning but in the last moment he was saved and recovered. Normally, this kind of a problem calls for the help of medical attention, but some basic first aid tips are available till the doctor arrives. In most cases, we notice that these accidents mainly occur in the areas near the beach, a pool etc. a person who has suffered from such a problem usually faces instant unconsciousness.

Major causes of this sort of accidents are suicide trial, children playing around in or near pools, getting jumped by a massive wave. Other cases can also take place where a person who does not know swimming was pushed into the pool for fun. Some of the major cases are when you can drown while drinking and boating. Alcohol intake and boating can cause serious repercussions.

Vomiting, unconsciousness, lethargy, chest pain are the major problems that can occur to person facing a near drowning condition.

Basic first aid methods include:

• Removing wet clothes from the person’s body in order to avoid a cold shock or Hypothermia.
• Start the process of rescue breaths if you notice that the person has completely stopped breathing.
• A person can also suffer from a spine injury which can further damage the neck. It is best to fix the head of the person to a stretcher or a fixed platform, and continue with CPR or mouth to mouth resuscitation.
• Immediately call an ambulance or dial 911.