Ifs and buts of Children healthy eating habits


Children healthy eating habits are always necessary. Food is the main constituent which supplies the essential nutrients, proteins and vitamins in our body. A child needs to have food, to continue his daily life. But, a balance in the quantity of food is always to be maintained. If you become foodie, you may be taking excess of nutrients and proteins, and may accumulate the fat, in your body cells, thereby becoming the den of fatty acids and cells. Obesity starts here.

For Children healthy eating habits a proper balance diet should always be maintained. Children keep on learning from elders. They generally copy what they see at home. So it is you at first who need to change your eating habit, in order to keep your child healthy. The whole family needs to maintain a proper diet. The child should always be kept under proper diet. Eating time should always be maintained as with the clock. Normally a child should ideally eat only four times. Breakfast at morning, Lunch at the afternoon, Snacks during the evening and dinner at night.

Children healthy eating habits may be achieved by not allowing children to eat and simultaneously watch television. Instead they should sit at the dining table and have their food. What it does is, it not only saves time and teaches your child a good habit, but also prevents diseases. Long hours of exposure of foods are always bad for health. Fungus may grow in it. Also while watching television, if your child is taking food, he or she may be taking excess in quantity resulting in obesity. This is because the attention gets shifted towards Television and does not stay at the food.

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Ifs and buts of Children healthy eating habits