Information and care of a woman’s health during insomnia


Girls become a woman when she keeps her foot in the adult stage after crossing her teenage stage. Lots of changes can be seen in her vividly, whether it is mentally or physically or both. While discussing about the physical changes about a woman, we come across her health factors. During this time period, many changes are noticed in a woman’s health, like some feel very drowsy at this time; some of them can’t sleep properly during this period, facing problems due to high blood pressure, etc.

One of the most common problems seen in a woman’s health is insomnia. Someone who suffers from insomnia find it difficult to sleep. In this condition, the women start having sleeping pills (which is nothing but a kind of drug), nicotine, tobacco, caffeine, cocaine, and in some cases they started to have alcohols as well. This is because, all these things give a feeling of clumsiness, and hence they can sleep. But this kind of addiction to drugs and alcohol is not good for her health at all.
Pharmacological treatments have been suggested by the doctors to come over from acute insomnia. Pharmacology is a branch of science relating to drugs and medicines. Non pharmacological treatments are also there like hypnotic medication. This hypnotic medication is generally suggested for short time use. That is for those women who are suffering from insomnia for a short period of time. Recently a cognitive behavioural therapy of insomnia has also been started, where the patients are taught by means of psychiatrist to sleep well.