A type of not so advisable weight loss plan: juice diet weight loss


In today’s fast life; it is necessary to be fit every single moment to work non-stop irrespective of the field. Thus the need of diets plans arrive, one of which is the juice diet weight loss also known juice fasts. It includes the intake of only fruit juices or vegetable juices of various options available for as long as 15 to 20 days. Smoothies might even be included in some of such diets as exception. But usually such types of diets are discouraged by many of the dieticians.

Juice diet effects

Juice diet weight loss usually has both short term effects as well as long term effects. The short term effects include dizziness, nausea, and weakness. While the long term effects may include gastritis, diarrhea etc.; this is because of a compound sorbitol found in fruit juices. One cannot even imagine surviving just upon various types of just juices. The calorie count from having such juices throughout the day is around 600 to 700 which are far below the required level of 1200 to 1400. When our body does not meet its regular requirements of calories, it starts to recover for the missing part by breaking down the muscle tissues. And it is even suggested by renowned dieticians, that if this continues for a much longer period of time, it can break heart or brain tissues too. Though on another note, juice fast is atleast better than water fast.

juice diet weight loss pictures
Juice diet weight loss

One should keep in mind:

It shall always be advisable to avoid such juice diet weight loss, and go for other diets that include vegetable and proteins which give fruitful long term results without any side effects. And if only a dietician gives such a diet, it should only be continued for not more than 20days.