The various layers of the brain, their location and functions


When talking of the assortment of layers of the brain, we necessitate keeping in mind that the dissimilar layers of the brain are in point of fact defined as the diverse meninges of our cranial unit or brain.  It is an absolute organization of an assortment of membranes that surround the brain and also supply many defensive and shock riveting abilities for the brain.  The special layers or the meninges of the head are:

  • The outermost tough Dura Mater which covers the skull.
  • The middle area of Arachnoid layer that is inner to the skull.
  • The innermost fluidic Pia Mater that acts as a shock absorber.
  • Also, The last subarachnoid layer that houses various spaces.

The outer layer of Dura Mater is one of those layers of the brain that is tough and very much durable with a generic thickness that provides a lot of protection and stability to the brain. It can further be divided into two layers like the periosteal layer and also a further inner meningeal layer. It also houses the large venous channels that carry blood from the brain to the heart, etc. The middle layer of the brain is described or noted like the Arachnoid Layer or more preferably the Arachnoid Mater. It has a web like appearance and it mainly acts as a pillow or cushion for the brain. It protects the brain from any variety of perfunctory shocks. It has he manifestation of an insecurely fitting sac and it does not consist of any sort of convolutions of the Gyri and the Sulci.

layers of the brain image
Layers of the brain picture

The inner coating of Pia Mater completely is one of those layers of the brain all the way through which most of the blood vessel passes and it provides a lot of sustenance for the whole brain. It is very fragile and it totally sticks to the inner surface of the brain and the spinal cord. The subarachnoid space consists of mainly the cerebrospinal fluid and it acts as a bridge between the arachnoid coating along with the Pia Mater.


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