Liquid Diet weight loss plans acts wonder if followed properly


When you watch what you are putting into your mouth you are bound to get result. Liquid diet weight loss programs are extremely popular and help in substantial reduction in weight. However, keep in mind that the body is accustomed to solid and liquid diet. Hence staying only on liquid diet is a new thing to which the body may or may not adjust and you may feel fatigued and become weak. So, before going for any kind of liquid diet weight loss, do not forget to consult your doctor.

The few popular liquid diet weight loss plans is as given below.

The lemonade diet or the Master Cleanse one; this type of liquid diet includes lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. This mixture has to be taken for 10 days. Only saltwater flush each morning and caffeine free laxative is allowed along with this. No doubt it is extreme in nature. For its maximum benefit and to avoid any adverse side effect, consult your dietician.

Juice diet is another widely used liquid diet weight loss plan. As the name suggests, it consists of fresh fruit and vegetable juices along with herbal teas and water. Through this it provides a concentrated dose of essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants similar to that of any regular diet. It has been found to be extremely useful by many dieters.

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Another type of liquid diet is the meal replacement diet which consists of essential vitamins and minerals. As it contains high level of protein as well as calcium, and the sugar content is less, so this form of diet is more balanced than others. One glass of such mixture contains nearly 200 calories and you can have solid diet once in a day.


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