Lists of foods for eye health and their qualities


For the proper maintenance of the good eye health of the person there are some foods that play an important role. Eye health is mainly dependent on various vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. Along with all the above mentioned nutrients some minerals like Selenium, Zinc and Chromium is also necessary for a good eye health. Their work is to make the vitamins that are taken to by the person to absorb in the human body. For the proper nourishment of the human eye they need to intake the foods necessary for the good eye health.

Necessary foods for eye health:
Among the necessary foods, green vegetables play an important role as they are a rich source of the necessary vitamins. Along with it egg and milk plays a substantial role in the maintenance of good eye health. Avocados are good source for vitamin B6, A, C and E that helps is the anti-aging of the eye muscles, prevents glaucoma and cataract. Carrot is a very rich source of vitamin A which is very much necessary for protecting eye from cataract and also helps the person in having a good night vision. Among the necessary foods for eye health raw tomatoes are very important as they contain two important nutrients for the eye namely vitamin C and Lycopene.
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Some common eye diseases:
Some of the common eye diseases that are cause by the lack of the minerals and vitamins are macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, etc. All these problems are seen in a person with his ageing as the nutrients necessary for the eyes are not manufacture in their body due to the lack of proper digestion. For preventing all these problems a person needs to have required foods for eye health and must maintain proper digestive system.