Little information on affect of hypertension in woman’s health


Girls become a woman, when she enters in the adult age after coming across the teenage. During this time period, many changes are noticed in a woman’s health, like breast enhancement, menstrual cycle, etc. Some may get pregnant at this stage. Thus, a number changes happen in a woman’s life; which adversely affects a woman’s health, like fluctuation in blood pressures, hormonal changes, etc.

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One of the most common problems seen in many women’s health is high blood pressure. In doctor’s term it is also called hypertension. The blood pressure is the amount of force with which their blood flows around the body. This circulation of blood is performed by the pumping mechanism of the heart. The normal blood pressure (BP) of a woman is 120/80; where 120 is the systolic measurement and 80 is the diastolic measurement. If someone’s systolic measurement goes above 120 hypertension occurs.

In the case of high blood pressure, the blood of the arteries is evaluated chronically. Hence a pressure is also created on the heart while pumping in and out the blood. If this pressure goes on increasing, one may easily prone to heart diseases in extreme cases heart attacks, stroke and renal failure also occurs.

The main goal to avoid hypertension is decreasing the BP at the ratio of 140/90 or less. This problem can be removed by exercising, meditation, and by maintaining a proper diet. Sodium and salt intake should stop. One should go weekly in doctor’s clinic for checking her blood pressure.