Low birth weight: a symptom of inappropriate children health


Low birth weight is a condition when a live born infant is found to have a weight of less than 2500g (or 5lb). Low weight babies are often small in size. About 8% infants in us are born with a low weight. Parents of low birth infants have the fear of vulnerability of their baby. They often are prone to infection or even can lead to death.

Cause of low weight

• Premature birth: babies born on the 40th week or before.
• Mother having multiple pregnancies: they have a risk of delivering premature babies due to lack of immunity.
• Maternal infection or disease: if the mother carries any disease during pregnancy such as diabetes, heart problem, kidney infection, anaemia etc.
• If the mother take in excessive drugs, or smoke or alcohol during pregnancy.
• Infection in uterus or cervix of the mother.
• Poor nutrition during pregnancy.
• Stress or any mental harassment.
• Parents having shorter height and lesser weight can have low weight babies.

Medical problems of a low weight baby

Low weight baby can suffer from respiratory problem, heart problem, improper growth and development of brain, abnormal growth, and intestinal problem or may also have haemorrhage (or bleeding in brain).

How a low weight baby could be helped?

Breast-feeding: it is one of the best ways to help the baby grow up in a healthy way. Go for regular check up to the doctor. Take in all vaccination required for the baby as well as the mother. After 6months of the baby, prepare a healthy diet for the baby to help her/him grow up well.