Major facts on early menopause in women


In the normal cases women goes into menopause at the age of about 45 years. But there are some special cases where the menopause come much early that it is expected in the normal cases. Some of the reasons of women achieving the early menopause are hysterectomy, genetic problems, some diseases, etc. It is always advised to consult a gynaecologist for the problem regarding the early menopause for better life.

There are several symptom of early menopause in women which does vary from person to person. Some of the commonly seen symptoms are headache, night sweat, hot flashes, insomnia and most importantly missing in the periods frequently. Along with all this physical symptoms a woman is also likely to have an emotional disturbance if she is going through menopausal cycle. This will happen because there will be a change in the estrogens level in women’s body. It is the regulator of emotions as well as the reproductive system in women.

There can be even severe symptoms than all the above prescribed ones during the menopausal period of the women. If a woman has gone through a surgical menopause then the production of the estrogens will be reducing drastically in a short period of time. This drastic decrease in the estrogens level may lead to various complications in the women. Women are advised to be under proper observation of a gynaecologist if they had a surgical menopause. Some of the treatments related to the early menopause are hormone replacement therapy, estrogens plantation, etc.