Making use of the Heimlich maneuver


We may have certain circumstances when a person is almost out of breath because an object or food particle has got stuck or lodged in the person’s airway or windpipe. During these circumstances, what a person needs is a Heimlich maneuver.
Doctors and First Aid Experts usually say that Heimlich maneuver can be used on both children and adults, however it is not recommended to be used on children less than 1 year of age. The interesting part about this maneuver is that you can use it on yourself as well.

This procedure is quite delicate and can be followed in a series of steps:

• Usually under normal circumstances go behind a person needing a Heimlich maneuver and pus both of you hands on both sides of his/her waist.
• Now what you need to do is place your hands in the form of a fist with the thumbs drawn inside. Place it above the navel of the man/woman.
• Now push your fists in the upward direction with an inward thrust in order to get the desired force to push the object out of the person’s airway.
• In case you notice that the person is on his back then make him face forward, then face his head, then repeat the above procedure.

Now, keep it in mind that even after repeating the procedure for the first time you may have to repeat it again for the desired effect. In some cases, when even after repeating the airway is not cleared, then a necessary cut may be needed in the windpipe. You may have to consult the doctor.