Maintenance of natural health with regard to neurological fitness


Maintaining natural health is quite a difficult job on the part of a working person who spends long hours in strenuous activities, whether it is physical or mental. When this maintenance is not done properly, the various problems creep up and thus start the misbalance of natural health. The misbalance is mostly noticed in the abnormal functioning of the nervous system. Some of the symptoms that may indicate the beginning of a critical problem may be symbolized by muscle weakness.

Certain instances have proved that weakness in gripping something and reflexes in the deeper portion of the tendons may be a good indicator of neurological problems. Nerve dysfunctions can happen through anytime and a person must be well aware of it so as to prevent it in the right time and maintain natural health properly.

The well being of the nervous system is much related to the well being of the emotional and the physical states of health of a person. Mainly the Central Nervous System and the peripheral nervous system are well involved in the proper balance of the health.

Maintenance of natural health

Here are some ways in which you can restrain your nervous system getting overburdened with pressures and thus it would help in the proper working of the health as well.

Consumption of proper vitamins:

The brain, peripheral nerves and some other neurologically concerned organs may have a coat of fat known as myelin which mainly does the work of insulation the nervous system. When this insulation is not properly provided to the organs, symptoms like muscle weakness, bad vision and chronic pain may arise. The only way to prevent such things from happening is the proper consumption of vitamin D and B12 along with some measurable amount of healthy fats. All these would provide an extra boost to maintain the natural health.

Exercising the nerve tracts and synaptic connections:

Writing a whole lot of exercises in confusing manner at one major go may produce ample amount of stress on the nervous system and thus natural health. This happens because during writing such exercises, all the motor and the sensory nerves are used in maximum extent. In order to establish a balance in the sensory pathways and nerve tissue along with the synaptic tracts and connections, proper regular well defined exercises of the nervous system should be done.
One of the easiest ways of doing so is to write a neat and clean exercise minimum for fifteen minutes every day. It would be more helpful if the writing is done with a pen and pare rather than by typing on the computer with the help of the keyboard. Writing with the hand produces much more relaxation exercises rather than the computer typing. Drawing on paper can also be a good alternative to writing.

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Food suggestions of natural health

Some of the food suggestions that can be made from the viewpoint of proper maintenance of the natural health with respect to the nervous system are as follows:

• About one and half liters of carrot juice, soaked oats in a measurable quantity of two cups, same quantity of sesame seeds, honey in well defined amount are the first priority food in such aspects.

• Some of the minerals and the vitamins that are essentially attached to the proper balance of the nervous system may include potassium, calcium, chloride, sodium, (the latter two may be consumed with the consumption of salt itself), magnesium, and all kinds of Vitamin B together with some proportionate amount of Vitamin D. foods that contain ample amount of phosphorous may help in the formation of bone and teeth along with major constituent of calcium. Pumpkin seeds and cabbages may be a good source of such minerals.

• Drinking plenty amount of water helps the body to maintain the natural health as well recover from any kind of disease whether regular or chronic. The most important function of water is that it enhances the betterment of the nervous system thus helping to fight out stress and other neurological problems. Elimination of wastes from the nervous system as well as the entire body is one of the important aspects of maintain a natural health.

• Avoidance to tea and alcohol should be strictly maintained. The main reason is that, these are some catalysts that stop the assimilation of thiamine, Vitamin B component that is very much necessary for the well going of the nervous system.

Other measures

• Painful symptoms of bowel syndromes and menstrual tension may also hamper the natural health to an extreme level. This may lead to headaches and thus may involve a person in restlessness. For this, the regular maintenance of each of the organs should be done; fast foods are suggested to be avoided as they are one of the reasons behind such improper functioning of the regularly working body organs.

• Since all the organs are working simultaneously to keep the body fit and perfect throughout the day, it is very important to provide the necessary amount of rest to all the organs. Ample amount of sleep is necessary to keep all the organs of the body properly running throughout the day. Overstress on any one of the organs may cause a misbalance of working capability the very next day. This long duration sleep has to be done according to a specific routine. Sleeping for long hours at any time of the day would not help to improve the natural health conditions.

• The proper routine should be like this: going to bed early at night, sleeping for at least 6-7 hours at a stretch, having a sound sleep, getting up early in the morning. There are people who go through hectic schedules of work every day or undergo works in the night shifts may lose your tendency to sleep at the proper time of the day. In such cases, walking barefoot may resolve the problem to certain level. In addition, meditation (if possible under a tree), visiting the yoga classes at least thrice a week may also help to bring back the normal routine of life.

• The most important part of maintaining sustenance of health is to keep the body freely and properly functioning all throughout the day, months and years. A freely functioning body can be one doesn’t face congestions, overheat and any dysfunctions of any organ. Natural health is one that is maintained naturally without the help of any drugs or sedatives or herbal products or by any artificial means like surgeries and transplants.


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