A brief idea about the natural remedies of various diseases


    Natural remedies

    Our health is known to be our most precious asset, so we should take the possible steps to protect and cure our health with nature’s touch and care. When you consider any alternative option regarding your health, natural remedies comes 1st in your mind. Many allopathic medicines have proved to work well for trauma and emergencies, but they are not so effective in terms of chronic diseases and avoidance. It has more side effects as compared to its positive effects. According to report, almost 800,000 people die only because of taking conventional medicine.
    The natural remedies has always taken an upper position and given better result than the medicine. These remedies can be easily prepared only at your kitchen at a very low cost; and are very effective with almost no side effects. Then why one should waste money on costly and unending procedure in treating the chronic diseases. Natural remedies are effectively used to cure various ailments with the knowledge of correct procedures and maintaining regular usage which are obtained from various plants from the ancient times.

    The chemical which act positively on our body are available in spices and herbs which annoy the defected part of our body. Chemicals with neutralizing properties which normally comes with water base are known to best suit our body. There are various remedies for chronic diseases like acne, back pain, arthritis, dandruff, common cold, constipation, depression, stress, nights, sleepless, allergies, lowering cholesterol, overcoming from your addictions, reduce weight and burning calories, chronic fatigue migraine, diabetes, asthma eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal symptoms, premenstrual syndrome and so on.

    As mentioned earlier natural remedies comes from plants. It can be a part or may be combination of parts or may also be the whole plant. The distillation of that particular chemical constituent can be done in various possible ways.
    In certain cases the scientists fail to come to a conclusion about which component of a specific drug would help to treat an illness, as an herb has various components and they can work collectively to give an effective result against the illness.

    Natural remedies for nervous system

    Orthodox medicine aims to lower psychological problems and make bring it to biochemical level, and believes that right drugs will be helpful in sorting out the problem efficiently. A complete approach to heal acknowledges the interconnections of psychological and physiological factors, and looks the functioning of the nervous system as an important element for treatment. For being healthy, we need to take care of the physical health by taking the right life style and diet. Adding to which we should also take care of our mental, emotional and spiritual life.

    Natural remedies for curing nervous weakness

    • Take in fruit for 5 consecutive days, which should be followed by a milk and fruit diet for the next 10 days. Start with 1 litres milk every day and increase it up to 2.5 litres daily until you reach 2 litters. And finally commence on a diet which should be well-balanced consisting of milk, honey and vegetable oil.
    • Drink plenty of water.
    • Avoid smoking.
    • Worry, excess in sexual habit, anxiety and mental exertion are recommended to be avoided.
    • Increase the nervous vitality and energy with dry sponge and friction early in the morning. Neutral absorption bath about 1 hour before departing is also advised.
    • Bath in Epsom salt once or may be twice a week is helpful in treating nervous weakness. Dissolve 1 kilogram Epsom salt in hot water and get yourself immersed in it for about 10-20 minutes. Avoid soap during the bath in Epsom salt.
    • Yoga, breathing and physical exercises as well as intake of fresh air are very crucial.
    • Maintain hygiene, get enough rest, sleep in a properly ventilated room and relax physically as well as mentally.
    • Dry fruits first came in our research which proves to give the best result among all important home remedies for treating nervous weakness. Take in coconut, figs, burnt cashew nuts and raisings in excess along with drinking excess of water.
    • Do some exercises to get rid of nervous weakness. If you are not afraid of gaining extra weight, you can supplement the water with fresh fruit juices.
    • Specified vitamins: specified vitamins like vitamin B12 which includes fish, eggs, some fibre containing foods and fresh cooked meat. This natural home remedies to treat nervous weakness help in accelerating the representative of nutrient from within the human body itself.
    • Fast remedies for nervous weakness
    • Calcium is needed in every human body in small quantity, it is very important that many individuals are lacking calcium in suffice. So they should get it into their bones and other foods containing calcium.
    • Vitamin B complex or Folic acid can be consumed directly to speed up and to get rid of the effects of nervous weakness. Green vegetables are also equally important as drinking water for curing nervous weakness. Pulses are recommended to be taken thrice every weak.

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    Natural remedies are available for all possible diseases like:

    For shiny hair: Wash hair in slight warm water and rinse hair in cold water, hot oil, shampoo your hair and the use a good conditioner, apply olive , almond and coconut oil, drink plenty of water, avoid using hair dryer, egg pack is also good for shiny hair.
    Back pain: Massage with eucalyptus or castor oil gently, include fruit and vegetables diet, regular exercise, and drink plenty of water. Drink 1 tsp. honey mixed with warm water. Avoid sleeping on firm mattress.
    • Sore throat: Gargle 4-5 times daily using warm water mixed with salt. Take enough fluid to avoid dehydration. Drink warm water, soup or tea to soothe your throat. Use a humidifier or vaporizer to soothe and moisten painful and dry throat.
    Leg pain/cramps: A warm massage with mustard or coconut oil at night before sleeping would help relieve cramps. Drink lots of water. Do leg stretching exercise.
    Natural measures for stretch marks: Rub lavender oil, Almond oil and olive oil on the area. Take in adequate vitamin A, E, C and Zinc. Drink lots of water. Applying Shea butter twice a day over the area of stretch marks helps to remove them.

    Nature knows better than ourselves about our health. So it is recommended to leave it on the Mother Nature for natural remedies to protect and nourishes us. She knows the exact way how to treat, cure and care. Natural way of curing a disease is always known to be the best way to rely on.