Ovarian cancer: a deadly threat to women


Women undergo drastic changes in their reproductive life when menstruations and menopause occurs. These changes cause hormonal imbalances and result in various health complications. Women are prone to carcinoma especially in the breasts and ovary.

What is it actually?

Ovarian cancer occurs when the malignant cells develop tumor in the ovaries of a woman. As the malignant cells spread fast in different parts of the body, it may even happen that the nearby tissues also start getting affected. In advanced stages of the ovarian cancer, it is found that the entire abdomen gets infected.

This very type of cancer is curable if and only if detected at primary stages. Ovarian cancer can only occur in women and yearly, thousands of women die due to this. If in any case, a woman finds excessive swelling of the abdomen or experience pain the in abdominal area often, or find it painful to urinate, then consulting a doctor is advisable. There are various other types of cancers that can affect women only, but this one is considered to be the most fatal of all.

Probable reasons of occurrence

Detection of this type of cancer is difficult and the tests may not always be reliable. Women who suffer from obesity run high risks of getting ovarian cancer. Moreover, it can be inherited if there were cases of ovarian cancer in the previous generations.

Treatment methods

It is advised that if any of the symptoms are noticed in a woman, she must get her blood tested and also get a screening test. Usually chemotherapy or radio therapy treatments are done. Surgery is also performed in earlier stages.