Reasons behind pelvic pain and bleeding between periods


Menstrual cycle

When a girl comes to a stage of giving birth of a baby, due to some hormonal changes a monthly cycle of bleeding occurs in them, known as menstrual cycle. Endometrial sheds at this process, hence the bleeding occurs. Excess shed of endometrial causes pelvic pain and bleeding between periods; which are not a good thing.

According to the physicians and gynaecologists, the usual time period of each menstrual cycle is four to five days. But bleeding after the period of menstruation is not a good sign at all. In fact this causes more abdominal pain.
Reasons behind bleeding between periods

There are several reasons lies behind pelvic pain and bleeding between periods, like:

• Inconstancy of hormone (oestrogen and progesterone) levels in her body
• Sometime it occurs due to infection in vagina or dryness of the vagina.
• Abnormal usage of contraceptive pills.

Various problems may occur along with pelvic pain and bleeding between periods due to this aberrant bleeding, like infection in womb, vagina, cervical cancer etc.

Treatments needed

Complete rest has been suggested by the doctors during the period of menstrual cycle. The women should not do any king of heavy works like pulling of heavy thing in this time. This will cause excess shed of endometrium, i.e. more bleeding and hence more pain. No kind of physical activities should be performed in this stage, like running, exercising, etc.

Through a statistical survey it has been estimated that about 21% of women all over the globe suffers from pelvic pain and bleeding between the periods during the menstrual cycle. If the pain goes to extreme level, many kinds of surgeries can be applied on them,like hysterectonomy, thermachoice uterine balloon therapy, etc.

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Pain and bleeding between periods

In these surgeries, the womb of the women is completely removed. That means, that woman cannot be able to give birth of a baby. That is why; these surgeries are suggested for those women, who don’t want to be a mother.

Progesterone replacement therapy is also available. But, some side effects remains, mainly various kinds of skin problems can appear.


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