Pain and bleeding during ovulation can be alarming if lingers


Pain or discomfort at the time of ovulation is common among women and is considered to be quite harmless. But one has to ensure that it is not symptomatic of some serious medical conditions like endometriosis. This pain is also called the middle pain or the mittelschmerz.

Ovulation is the process of release of singular, matured egg from that of the ovarian follicle. This happens mid way between the menstruation cycles. Out of the eggs produced the largest one is released inside the fallopian tube. Once the egg is inside the fallopian tube it is ready to be fertilized within a day or two. After that if not fertilized, it starts to disintegrate. If the egg goes without fertilization, then the egg is released from the body of the women through menstrual bleeding at around two weeks from the ovulation.

Pain and bleeding during ovulation may be caused by varied factors. However, till now the cause of ovulation bleeding is not explained. One of the causes may be some emergency condition of the follicle. Hormones play a major role here. It causes the ovaries to produce about 20 follicles each containing an immature egg. Out of these just on follicle matures. When the follicle bursts to release the egg; is the time when the woman experiences pain and bleeding during ovulation.

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Pain and ovulation during

When there is some bleeding in between the menstrual cycle of a woman that is mostly ovulation bleeding. It is different from the usual menstrual flow. Ovulation bleeding is generally pink or red in color. It is lighter than the menstrual flow. Ovulation bleeding usually lasts for a couple of days.

If the pain and bleeding during ovulation is heavy or continue more than two days then this could be an early sign of a medical condition called the endometriosis.


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