Pain and bleeding when urinating a very common problem in urban world


Pain and bleeding when urinating may signify some disease of greater value and should never be left untreated. The pain might be in the genital parts or even in the back. Blood may be discharged through urine in two ways: one is visible in naked eyes and the other is only visible when seen under a microscope. The first one should never be neglected especially in case of a person above the age of 40 and who is a smoker because this might be a symptom of bladder cancer.

Also in some cases pain and bleeding when urinating might not be as severe a case as it seen, and might be just because of a urinary tract infection. This infection is usually caused by unhygienic habits like touching the genital area without washing hands, not taking bath regularly, or may be due to some allergic reaction to soaps, detergents, also due to sexual intercourse with such persons. In many cases such infections are accompanied by rashes in the private parts.

One should always keep in mind that in such cases of pain and bleeding when urinating; it is always advisable to consult a gynaecologist without any delay. He might examine the area and ask several questions like when was the blood spotted, any previous history of infection etc. usually when blood is accompanied with urine at the initial stage of urination, the source is urethra, if throughout urination then the source is bladder or kidney or ureters and if during the last stage, the stage then because of prostate (in men) or from bladder.

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Pain and bleeding when urinating


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