Pelvic pain and bleeding may be caused by different conditions


Everyone is scared to even hear of deadly diseases and avoid looking for the early signs in the body. However, that is the most reliable way of ensuring proper treatment and complete cure; i.e. early detection. So, if anything abnormal comes by, then one should take immediate steps and consult a qualified professional. Pelvic pain and bleeding may be one such sign. So take immediate medical advice in that case.

Pelvic pain generally is caused in the region of below the naval. Urinary bladder, the reproductive system and the lower intestinal system are there in the pelvic region in females. Tumor in any of these creates pressure on some of the other organs. This causes a feeling of pain. This feeling of pain may at times come to the fore as a result of certain movement in the area including sexual intercourse. Continuous pelvic pain or pain during intercourse should be consulted with the doctor. However, occasional pain during the menstrual periods, the cramping, should not be apprehended as symptoms of cancer.

Pelvic pain may be caused by several factors, including the non-cancerous factors like benign tumors or cysts, ovulation, endometriosis, ulcerative colitis, pelvic inflammatory disease etc. However, pelvic pain and bleeding or any other abnormal bleeding should not be ignored. For early detection of gynecological cancer can aid treatment and cure to a great extent.

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Pelvic pain and bleeding

Fibroid is another cause of pelvic pain and bleeding excessively during the menstrual periods. Fibroids are benign tumor or growth that is found inside or around the uterus. Nearly 35% of female above the age of 35 have fibroid of different sizes. Half of those are symptomatic. The reason for fibroid is not yet known, although a combination of factors may act behind that.

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