What should be a perfect diet for a baby?



What should be the diet of a baby of 0-4months?

During this phase a baby should only be feed by breast-milk. No other supplementary food should be added to it. Breast-milk is the purest form of diet for a baby, and is free from all impurity and prevents the baby from infection, allergies etc. It also reduces the chance of developing asthma in future.

What should be the diet of a baby of 4-6month?

You can add some solid food to the diet for your baby along with the breast-milk. You can add cereal foods. Boil and smash them, then add baby formula or breast-milk and make a puree. You can then gradually add suji, ragi powder to the diet of the baby. When the baby gets used to it, you can cook rice and mix it with curd for your baby.


What should be the diet of a baby of 6-8months?

You can cook vegetables and fruits like potato, carrot, apple and pear and squash it to make a thin, soft puree.


What should be the diet for a baby of 8-12months?

At this age a baby can be given smashed vegetables and fruits. They can be given pasta, toast etc. Chicken and fish like salmon can also be added to their diet. Dairy products like egg (3-4 weekly), whole cow’s milk are also allowed.


When to add solid foods to the diet for a baby?

It is highly recommended not to add solid food to a baby’s diet for at least up to the age of 3-4 months. After that, add solid foods to their diet, only after consulting the doctor, along with the breast-milk.


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What should be a perfect diet for a baby

What are the signs which show that the baby is ready for solid food?

  • When they learn to find objects or food, and put that in their mouth.
  • When they look for extra milk, than their regular feeds.
  • They learn to swallow foods.