Physical exercises help keeping arthritis at bay


Physical fitness is of utmost importance and helps a person age gracefully and also aids a person to avoid various physical disorders. This is especially recommended for women as they go through hormonal imbalances and various mineral deficiencies during their life cycle. Women have more tendencies to develop heart diseases, become obese and a diabetic.

Vitality of physical fitness

Proper physical exercise not only increases the life span of a person but also helps her to live healthily without any complications. Women, who often run deficient from calcium, tend to develop problems related to the bone as they grow old, like rheumatism, arthritis etc. The best way to prevent them occurring is to exercise everyday for at least half an hour.

Helpfulness of exercising

Exercising daily is recommended for those women especially who have encountered menopause. As the bones are more fragile in women, taking weights can also strengthen their bones. Moreover, brisk walking or free hand exercises also increase the rate of metabolism, burning of calories thus keeping obesity away. Women who exercise daily have fewer diseases than those who do not.

Ways to start off

To keep the rate of aging low, exercises can be the only pathway as it initiates anabolism and reduces the rate of catabolism. Simple jogging, a few sit-ups are positively capable of improving the health condition of a woman. Consulting a doctor can also be very helpful. In case you have recently started exercising make sure you do not overstress yourself. Start off with simple and few exercises.