Preventive measures against heart attack and its symptoms


Despite the advancement in the field of medicine, millions of people around the world die due to the menace of heart attacks. However, some people may claim that this advancement has acted against our common sense and is the cause of the increasing number of deaths due to heart attacks.

Doctors blame the lifestyle of the people for the increasing rate of heart attacks and provide certain guidelines which a person must follow to live a healthy life. Intake of fatty acid supplements and a basic healthy routine can reduce the risk of a probable heart attack.

To reduce the risk of a heart attack a person must know the probable causes and hence work towards reducing the risk. The most common type of a heart attack is the Arteriosclerosis, or blockage of the arteries. This occurs mainly due to magnesium deficiency in the blood stream. As a result, the arteries dry up and become hard.

Extra intake of Vitamin D should also be avoided as it causes excess calcium build up. Symptoms of this include headaches, memory loss, leg cramps and breathlessness. High cholesterol levels also increase the risk of a heart attack by a considerable amount.

To avoid running a risk of a probable cardiac arrest, it is recommended that you avoid fried and oily food, have a diet rich in fiber and low fat and exercise regularly to improve body functions and muscle tone. If these regulations are followed regularly, the risk of running a heart attack can be reduced by a great margin.