Quick and Effective First Aid Methods in case of cut and burn


First aid is the preliminary treatment to prevent degradation of the condition of any wounded person. It is not the ultimate cure to any injuries. In case of different injuries, different steps can be taken as First aid. First aid for a little cut and burn can be processed with things that can be easily available in the house. A first aid kit consists of cotton, antiseptic, bandage, can be helpful in this case. The patient should be admitted to the doctor as fast as possible after First aid.

Some easy steps can be taken in case of cut injuries. First of all the wound have to be cleaned with the help of some clean cotton and Antiseptic lotion. After that the wound should be covered with mercurochrome, using cotton. Correspondingly the wound must be bandaged to avoid infection. Turmeric powder is an effective antiseptic which can be found in home. It can be used to prevent bleeding from the wound. In case of very high rate of bleeding, the wound can be covered tightly with a clean piece of cloth or bandage.

In case of wounds caused by burn, some First aid should be made to avoid farther ruining of the injury. Wounded person can be wrapped with blanket to extinguish the fire. The burnt clothes have to be removed as early as possible. Then the burnt place should be cleaned carefully and it is a must to dry out the wounds properly. Burnt place must be provided with cooling at first. Cold water or ice pack can be used for cooling. Use ointments on the injury to avoid septic.


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