Rabies – the disease causing concerns for children health


Rabies is a form of the viral infection that is caused in human beings due to the introduction of the virus from Rhabdoviridae family. This is a common kind of disease in the children and is generally caused by the biting of some of the stray animals like dogs, cats, etc. This can be also caused by the biting of bats, foxes, skunks, etc. It first attacks the central nervous system and then gets distributed all over the body of the children. If diagnosed and treated in the preliminary stage then only it can be cured easily. Otherwise it gets difficult to get rid of the disease causing an eventual death.

Some of the symptoms of the primary and secondary stages of rabies are:

1) Initially your child can be suffering from fever, malaise, headache, excessive vomiting, and reduction in the appetite.
2) The portion of the body of your child where he has got bitten by any of the above prescribed animals will go numb. Otherwise the portion will have a continuous itching sensation.
3) In the later stages the child feels it difficult to swallow anything like water even his own saliva.
4) At the adverse stages your child can be paralyzed or he can go into a coma and at the end he will die eventually.

Thus, if you see any of the above prescribed symptoms in your child then immediately go and consult a doctor. Vaccines like PCEC, HDCV, etc are given immediately to the child to prevent it from rabies after he has been injured.