Scar Prevention


We are always acquiring scars and wounds and thus it is necessary for us to know some vital processes that require the reduction of these scars. You can have a dermatologist at your contact list so that whenever you get a cut it can be treated in the earliest so that your skin health is maintained perfectly. There are some homely ways that you can also follow to get rid of the scar marks that you have on your skin.

Good wound care

To reduce the cosmetic appearance of an unsightly scar you must do a good caring of the scar so that it does not leave a mark of any sort on your skin. This is the case for stitches, acne or even small surgical cut. An important step is to clean the cut or scrape regularly with cool water that is essentially clean. Sometimes tweezers with alcoholic sterilizers also any help to sanitize the wound. Avoid any irritants like iodine, harsh soap or hydrogen peroxide. Cover the wound with a gauge so that it is not affected by bacterial infection. To avoid these antibiotic creams can also be applied regularly. Do not pick on pimples and scabs. This will aggravate the situation more and sometimes may even leave a scar for a lifetime.

Occurrence of a scar

After taking an intense care of the wound in your skin a scar may form. This may be because some people are prone to the process of scarring. It may also occur if the skin is under the influence of a tension or a pull. For a scar to occur, it is not necessary that the wound has to be deep.


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