Skin health issues: Some of the deadliest skin diseases


Skin diseases can be source of fear for most of the people in the world. Now, these diseases do not occur easily but when they do, they can be very deadly and dangerous. Some of these diseases are:

Harlequin Ichthyosis: This is a very dangerous case of skin disease. In this disease young children are born with extremely thick and crusty skin which can cause the entire body to be heavily distorted. Most infants born with this disease find it quite difficult to grow through the adolescent stage.

Skin Necrolysis: Truly one of the serious conditions, this causes the outer protective layer of the skin to completely detach from the inner delicate layer. This leaves the inner layer totally exposed to the atmospheric elements and hence it can cause deadly and gruesome infections, in most cases cause death.

Scleroderma: This is a disease that is usually affects the linking tissues of the skin and lymphatic modes. This can be extremely painful, causes itching, redness, severe hardening of the skin which further causes deadly tightening.

Medical and scientific negotiations are still ongoing regarding the treatment of these diseases. It is easily understood that there are no single treatment of these diseases. Corticosteroids, anti-hypertension drugs are used in order to treat these diseases. There are many other medications involved regarding the treatment of these diseases.

Always keep in mind that a good nutrition, a healthy and balanced diet is the firm pillar on which the entire immunological system of your body rests. Eat well and you will look well.


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