Skin rash problems


Human skin

Human skin is the most sensitive organ since it is the outermost part of a human body. This skin acts as medium between the external pathogenic attacks and the internal human body organs. This skin resists those pathogens to enter in the human body. Hence, the skin gets affected easily due to its prolonged exposure.

Skin rash problems

A rash is an area of red spots that appears in one’s skin, when he/she is ill or has a bad reaction to something that he/she have eaten or touched. It is really very embarrassing to go outside with full of rashes. Immediate treatment is necessary for the removal of rashes; else it will go on spreading to the whole body.

The rashes are not any kind of dangerous disease. These occur in human body due to some hormonal changes. It itself stop appearing after certain period of age; but the dark patches are left behind as a symbol. For this reason treatments are required.

Various anti itching creams are available in the market; one can easily use those for the removal of the rashes. These anti itching creams contain camphor, methanol and some other ingredients which give a pleasant feeling after its application on the rashes. One may also go for antihistaminic treatments, like loratadine, cetirizine, etc. An antihistamine is a drug that is used to treat allergies.

Food diet

They must have good food diet, like leafy green vegetables, fruits (specially the citrus fruits), different salads, milk, etc. for having a glowing and attractive skin.