Some Efficient first aid Methods for chocking and chest pain


First aid methods are very handy before fetching any advanced medical treatment. It can prevent the degradation of the wound in critical condition. First aid can be processed with elements that are available nearby. First aid treatment can save lives if it is done in proper time and manner. Patient should be transferred to a doctor as soon as the preliminary First aid for better treatment.

Chocking is caused if a grain of food is stuck in the throat. It is actually happens when there is blocking of air ventilation in the breathing tube. Patient will hold own arms around the neck in this kind of situation. The initial treatment in this condition is to stand behind the patient and put their arms around the waist of him. At the same time the patient should be pushed forward respectively and the abdomen of the person has to be pressed upward continuously. This can be done until the particle is cleared from the throat. A person can also take care of himself by Heimlich maneuver in case of chocking. The patient must put his fist on the bellybutton while bending forward on any tough surface. Fist must be kept moving inner and outer continuously.

Chest pain is a serious problem that can cause serious damage unless being treated early. In some condition it can also cause heart attack. In case of chest pain the person may also suffer from lack of breath. In this case the windows in the room should be opened to provide the person maximum air supply. If the person keeps sweating continuously while having breathing shortness, then it is better to take the patient to hospital and should be provided external oxygen supply.


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