Some of the effective birth control methods


Prevention of pregnancy is of course the only way to restrict child birth and one should not choose abortion as the most effective way. There are several birth control methods but if you are really planning to choose one then first consult your doctor. But you are free to choose the most effective birth control procedure as you are going to live with it. But it must be kept in mind that the method you are following must be flawless and regular otherwise it wont work.

Some of the following are the probable birth control methods that you can follow:

• It is obvious that avoiding sex is not a very good method of birth control. Instead you can use certain barriers that will prevent the sperm from getting inside the uterus. Some of the commonly used barriers are condom, cervical cap etc. All of these must be used each time you have sexual intercourse
• According to many, condoms are the best choice. These are not only cheap but also effective. Among the birth control methods it is the easiest and also provides maximum protection. Condoms are available for both the makes and females but the one for males is more effective. Condoms are effective protective means to prevent sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS.
• There are various pills that restrict ovulation by disrupting the hormonal levels in the body. Contraceptive pills are to be consumed under doctor’s prescription. Among most of the birth control methods, this method helps a woman to get rid of menstruation every month, but have it once in three months.
• There are patches available too that delays ovulation. Once the patch is removed from your skin, periods start. There are vaginal rings as well, that when attached prevent menstruation but when removed your menstruation starts.