Steady heart and a safer life


Death due to heart diseases and failure is prominent now days, and more than caused due to other diseases. It is very essential to keep the heart fit and thus follow a healthy life style. No one but we ourselves should control the factors leading to serious damage to our hearts. Sometimes it is seen persons prone to heart diseases genetically can prevent it by adopting and following healthy life styles. The risk factors can be reduced by following certain thumb rules in daily life.


• Managing diet and weight
• Right exercising regularly with advice from the expert
• Quitting smoking or reducing it to a almost safer level
• Maintaining the cholesterol level according to age
• Less stress and controlled blood pressure
• Keeping blood sugar level safe

The foremost factor for keeping heart healthy is maintaining proper diet, controlling obesity which is a serious threat to the cardio vascular system and also the cholesterol level. Following a sedentary life style is extremely bad for entire body especially for the cardio vascular system; the metabolic rate goes down and thus leading to obesity, deposition of fat around the blood vessels and upping the risk. Smoking leads to cancer, lung disease, premature aging if not heart disease but it is proved that smokers are more likely to have premature heart disease and also spread it through passive smoking. Happy life means less stress so not only staying fit but one should try to stay happy. Blood sugar is directly related to diet and mood and also to heart diseases.