Don’t ignore acidity, may be a reason for stomach cancer


Stomach cancer refers to all the cancers which arise from the stomach. It is not noticeable. Actually the symptoms are all the same like normal stomach diseases. But when it gets noticed, it is probably the last stage, and not many things can be done.

The cause of Stomach cancer is cannot be identified particularly. The reason may be due to acute stomach diseases. Symptoms are bleeding and vomiting excessively. Pain in stomach, development of gallbladder stone etc. alerts you that you are ready to approach the life threatening disease. Consultation with a clinical treatment is a must in all these cases.

Chemotherapy in case of Stomach cancer is not often found useful. Though chemo is the preferred method for all cancer diagnose, but in case of stomach, it is not the same. The part should be first operated, and then should be sent for biopsy. The biopsy should be done with immense care so as no stones are unturned. Normally a stomach part contains many acids which are present inside our body. At times those acids become corrosive and affects that particular cell resulting cancer.
Stomach Cancer

The problem with Stomach cancer is it is not sensitive to drugs. Drugs normally are at times sensitive to these germs. Though they are heavily priced, but still can be applied to keep the person alive for some more days. Acidity is the other reason for this. If you are suffering from acidity at regular intervals always consult a gastroenterologist for the same to know if it is because of your food habit or is it turning out to be a cancer. Remember in mind that cancer is to be protected and not prevented.


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