Do not ignore stomach pain and bleeding


Stomach ache can be caused due to various factors ranging from Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to appendicitis to heartburn or inflammatory bowel disease. All of these may cause stomach pain, mild or severe. There also may be stomach pain and bleeding in some cases. One needs to be able to distinguish between that will not lead to dire consequences to those that need immediate medical attention. If you are not in a position to make such a decision, consult a doctor.

Generally, if stomach ache is mild in nature and gets resolved in 24 hours then there is nothing alarming that requires medical attention. Otherwise if overeating or consumption of certain foods like those that contains lactose causes stomach ache then also there is not much to worry. Consumption of a large portion of pizza or burger may lead to indigestion and heartburn in many. it may also result in abdominal cramps and there may be need to go to the washroom. This too is not something that is of great concern. However, if the abdominal pain persists or occurs regularly, then it needs to be discussed with the doctor for sure.

Stomach pain and bleeding may be due to hemorrhoids; this is nothing of much concern. But it can also be due to colorectal cancer or ulcerative colitis. Regular as well as persistent stomach pain and bleeding is in no way a normal health condition.

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Stomach pain and bleeding

Do not ignore any of the following health conditions.

o Massive and unrelenting abdominal pain
o Stomach ache with weight loss without much reason
o Stomach pain accompanied by vomiting
o Difficulty in swallowing with persistent upper abdominal pain

If you are not sure of what is causing pain, play safe and seek immediate professional attention.


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