Symptoms, causes and treatments for high fever in children


Fever is the most common illness that children suffer with and the prime reason is lack of immunity in their body. They are exposed to various environments and catch viruses which lead to high fever in children. More so kids are active and they indulge in activities which involve unhealthy atmosphere, playing in the rain, eating junk foods. These also directly attack the delicate blood cells and spread like a non life threatening infection throughout.

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Symptoms, causes and treatments for high fever in children

This is mainly indicated by a sudden rise in body temperature. The usual high fever in children is measured above 100.4 Fahrenheit that is nearly 38 degree Celsius. The exact place to determine the fever in a child is the rectal area because other parts are normally lower in temperature and would not give the exact information. Your child may seem to be lethargic and dull if he or she is suffering from fever. This is because fever itself weakens the body from inside and there is not much energy to stay active and fresh.

Fever also affects on the sleeping and eating habits and children are bound to get irritated when they cannot get comfortable sleep. Taking on too much of fever pills is harmful because they do not cure fever instead just keep the temperature under control. The best treatment of high fever in children is to target on to removing the infection that is giving birth to the fever. Children lose patience easily and so in any case if you find symptoms of fever immediately visit a doctor and get proper advice. Fever can arise due to many reasons it may not be serious in some case but it might just be a warning of any serious and fatal illness within the child’s body.