The most dangerous skin health issue: Skin Cancer


Skin Cancer is perhaps one of the most dangerous types of cancer that affects almost a million people every year. This type of cancer is caused due to excessive exposure to sun’s radiation. It is also caused by avoiding the uses of skin lotion and sunscreen containing SPF 15. It occurs also due o a very weak immunological system.

This is a condition when the growth of skin cells and their reproduction multiply by tenfold and their growth reaches an explosive rate. The growth of skin cells is such that in most cases it causes a tumor which further turns malignant. Under extreme cases these tumors can flow through the blood vessel to other organs of the body. As a result, it finally affects the entire body and totally destroys any sort of resistance of the body. It completely damages the immunity.

The cancer that affects the cells of the skin is known as melanoma. It affects the cells that are mostly responsible for the creation of pigments in our skin. Sometimes, we notice that a cancer can also affect the outer areas of the skin and sometimes also the cells known as the squamos cells. These types of skin cancers are known as Basal cell and Squamos cell Cancer.

Patches of red or brown color on the surface of skin, abnormal growth of moles are symptoms of skin cancer on the preliminary stage. Biopsy, surgery and many other methods can be used in order to examine and remove the malignant skin tumor.


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