The position of adjustment disorder in the list of psychological disorders


List of psychological disorders may contain an infinite name, so in short let us understand some common disorders. Disorders are caused by the mental imbalance caused due to the unusual performance of the central nervous system. If a person is found to behave unusual from a normal person, then he or she is sure to be suffering from psychological disorder.

Adjustment disorder tops the list of psychological disorders. A person suffering from such adjustment disorder thinks he cannot adjust with the society or with himself and sometimes with himself. The main cause behind this is his outlook towards the lifestyle he possesses. Symptoms are like if he is a child, he feels the difficulty to adjust in his school environment. Reasons may be his friends often treat him like anything, or he is not given the importance which he deserves. If he is a man, the problem may be due to his family. May be his wife is not a person to be adjusted, but due to his social life he is unable to express the same and he gets affected by this disease.
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Cure is possible only if he can understand his unusual behavior and then discuss the same with a psychiatrist. According to the psychiatrists adjustment disorder is a vital one from the psychological disorders. The person suffering from adjustment disorder`s remedy is to change his environment with immediate effect. Whomever he is having clash, should be immediately ignored else someday suffering from these vital disease which tops the list of psychological disorders he will turn mad someday and the outcome will not be beneficiary to both i.e. he, himself and the society with whom he is associated with.


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