U-V Rays the cause of Skin cancer


Skin cancer means abnormal growth of skin. Cancer refers to the abnormal growth of a particular cell. If it can be prevented, then the person may stay alive for a longer period of time. But still in this advanced medical science era, the treatment of cancer still remains untouched. A person attacked with cancer has to die some day or the other.

Unlike other cancers, the advantage with Skin cancer is, it can always be seen. Since skin is the outer part of the body, if any unusual growth is noticed, that can be taken care of, At least can be diagnosed. Here a tumor can be easily seen and detected. What happens with other parts of the body for example breast or prostate, the tumor cannot be easily seen, so the problem grows a vast.

The cause of Skin cancer is exposure to harmful ultra violet rays. If detected at an early state, it can be cured to some extent. Medical science can extend the life period of the person suffering from disease, from five to ten years. Remedies are there which are all common for cancers. Operation of the tumor is the first step of these types of cancer. The operated part is now diagnosed, treated with rays to check, at what stage the cancer is. Depending on the result of the biopsy, the decision about the mode of treatment is concluded.
U-V Rays the cause of Skin cancer

If the Skin cancer is found to be at the initial stages, and the tumor has been removed, stress is given to kill the cancer germs and reconstruction of the cells is given much priority. If the cells are building, they are found often to be healthy and are not attracted by the germs again.

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