Weight loss diets for women, a fascination of the 21st century


Reasons behind dieting

It has been known since ages that “health is wealth”, but in today’s busy world obesity is a very serious and common disorder leading to diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems etc. here comes the need of dieting. Weight loss diets for women are designed in such a way so that it can find a place in the fast moving life of 21st century women and lead to fruitful results.

What does it consist of?

Cutting down the carbohydrate intake of daily life helps a lot to achieve the goal. This can be done by replacing plane rice with brown rice, also diminishing and if possible even removing potato in our day to day life. Also increasing the amount of protein intakes like soyabean, meat helps to stay strong even during the dieting period as people have a tendency of being weak in this time. In the various weight loss diets for women plans by professional dietician, the day starts with lukewarm water with lemon and honey. This helps to burn out several harmful acids of the body. What is mainly suggested by dieticians is to have food not a wholesome at a time, but to have food in small quantities at a gap of 3-4hours.


Since nowadays there is a craze for such weight loss diets for women plans, to cut off carbohydrate and fat completely from our daily food and to fall weak in the due course, it is advisable not to go by some random people suggesting some dieting charts rather always consult a degree having dietician. Because what suits a person’s particular body type may not suit another person.

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Weight loss diets for women