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The answer to what causes cancer can be many; in fact they can be so numerous that it might get difficult to even keep a proper track of them. However, the generic idea of cancer cause is the formation of a swelling. Any normal person will not give a simple swelling a lot of attention but it is that simple swelling that can grow excessively malignant and turn to cancer. A word of common caution, if you experience any unhealthy looking swelling in any part of your body, but you do not experience any pain, then immediately consult an oncologist. It may not be anything but it sure doesn’t harm to pay a few bucks and be sure than to avoid it and end up in a hospital bed.

The causes of cancer can b a lot and most of the times the renowned doctors have noticed that aging can be a very important cause of cancer.  The immunity or immunological system of your body gets weaker as you grow older. Therefore, diseases like cancer and many other problems like Diabetes can be caused due to the problems of cancer. Some of the very unusual causes of cancer are genetic mutation. Our DNA cells are designed in such a way that if it is damaged it will repair itself, and in case it cannot repair it will die out. But in some cases due to induced mutation issues the DNA cells neither repair and nor do they die. These are the cases where they accumulate and cause malignant tumors resulting in cancer, this is a major response to the question of what causes cancer.

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Unhealthy foods and the excessive drinking of alcohol along with the habit of smoking will definitely kill you, if not through any other diseases, then through cancer and trust me; this is a very grave but true answer for the generic question of what causes cancer. Junk foods contain a very high level of acrylamide. They contain a carcinogenic agent and they get injected in your body when you eat fried potatoes.

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