What is/are Cellulitis


A small introduction

Over the years, cellulitis has been a dermatological disorders those consequences in the certain swelling of the connective tissue with the unwanted inflammation of the dermal and subcutaneous surfaces of the human skin. There is skin flora or exogenous bacteria which built their sojourn in the cracked or broken part of human skin and thus, this dermatological syndrome occur. Besides these, it also makes its appearance in the place where the intravenous drug injection is incorporated or the place which has been affected by insect bites, burning, blistering and surgical abrasions. Significantly, the most affected areas are skin on legs and faces, but nowadays here is no specification as it is occurring in the every part of human body. In order to get rid of such disease, certain antibiotics are involved but the curing period may expand from 48 hours to 6 months as per the complication arises.

Signs and symptoms

Redness in the certain area of skin happens to be the most prevalent symptom of cellulitis. Actually the redness occurs in the tender and hot area of human skin and it is encroached over the adjacent tissues with the severe consequences like swelling, inflammation, pain and so on. Notably, a victim may inculcate fever in his body along with the inflated lymph nodes in the infected area.

Place of occurrence

In today’s world, such diseases are not confined to any specific part of body; it may show its exposure in any part of the body. But, in this case the most popular site has been lower leg, particularly the area of tibia. Significantly, if there is any sort of surgery in the abdomen or chest areas there is a chance of this unwanted disease. In case, people with morose obesity may embody on their abdominal skin. But nowadays, the unusual kinds of these diseases like buccal (cheek) and facial cellulitis, per orbital (around the eye socket) are ensuing significantly.


There are some rigid causes behind the disposal of this disease. In the large scale, it originates from a type of bacteria entering into the skin through the subtle cracks in the skin. Group a Streptococcus and Staphylococcus are the most popular bacteria to effect in this disease. But luckily or unluckily they do not harm the outer lair of the skin membrane. As a result of dental infection, such a dystrophy makes its appearance in the submandibular area. The bacteria alpha-haemolytic streptococci are seem to be responsible for this annoying infectious disclosure. This dermal malady may also cause by animal bite, tattoos, surgery, athlete’s foot, eczema, dry skin, injecting drugs, spider bite, skin rash, unwanted itching and so on. Surprisingly enough, pregnancy, obesity and diabetes besetting the normal flow of blood can consequences in this disease. While analysing the causes of this disease it may also be concerned that hid adenitis suppurativa is a rare condition, where cellulitis contains subtle liaison.

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Analysed diagnosis of the disease

This disease is more severely a deepening scientific analysis, and more of a fact which should be noticed is that the neighbouring or local cultures give no clue about the presence of the causing disease.
The blood cultures often imprints to be positive when the effector develops sepsis.
Conditions which are often confused with this disease are:

  • Deep vein thrombosis: it is generally thought similar to cellulitis, but it is not like it. In this basically the skin is subjected to inflammation because of the inadequacy in blood flow, it is often detected by stasis dermatitis.
  • Musculoskeletal findings
  • Follicular occlusion triad: it occurs in agreement with various serious ailments such as pilonidal cysts and many more.

The most probable as per the risky factors

Generally no discrimination criteria is adopted till now by this disease among the population, by this it is meant that one can be infected by this irrespective of gender and any other such differentiating criteria. However as we are aware about the fact that an individual with weak immune system is more prone to any disease and more often the patients whose immunity are severely affected by some strong chemical drugs such as used during chemo-therapy in curing cancer, are even more prone including those which are diabetic. As immunity plays a very crucial role in inhibiting any type of ailment or disease from our body for our physical fitness.
And as per the safety measures of other individuals, it is non-infectious at all or it is non-contagious because there is no involvement of upper skin or the epidermis, so the upper layer serves the purpose of an inhibition in spreading the disease from that particular infected area.

Cure and medication

The basic treatment procedure includes rest for the affected area, chopping the dead area of the tissue and then embedding the antibiotic treatment irrespective of whether the treatment is oral or intravenous. In case of clement cellulitis, flucloxacillin mono therapy is perhaps considered as complete but in case of severe one this drug is often accompanied by oral phenoxymethylpenicillin or amoxicillin. Some sort of pain relief is generally assigned but excessive pain should be reported so as to further continue the procedure for diagnosis as excess pain may be a sign of necrotizing fasciitis. The elevated affected area should be considered seriously. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is also referred as an effective cure for this disease but its availability does not come in a broad way.

Few facts of Cellulitis

It is therefore mandatory to understand the causes of the disease. Moreover steps should be taken to counter the steps that lead to the unfortunate disease. The facts are established in the following:

  • This disease basically spreads dangerous bacterial infections mainly of the skin and the tissues of the human bodies.
  • Even though there are many bacteria that can cause the disease but there are two unique bacteria which are responsible for spreading of this disease known as Streptococcus and the other one is Staphylococcus.
  • The intravenous antibiotics or the oral are the main elements to treat this dangerous disease.
  • There may be some places where the skin has been broke open in a human body. This perilous disease is more likely to appear in such unprotected broken open skin.
  • This dermal disorder called cellulitis is not at all contagious.