What is breast cancer, a common question asked my many women


The dark effect of cancer is known to everyone. Breast cancer is one the most common cancer, which mainly happens to women. You may ask, what is breast cancer exactly? Breast cancer is a type of cancer which forms inside mammal breasts. It can happen to any animal, not necessary a human. But, here human breast cancer will be discussed. Breast cancer can occur to men too. But, the chances are 100% less than women. It is said that 30% of the women who suffers from cancer, are breast cancer patients. It is also known that, with increasing age, the chances of getting prone to breast cancer also increases. If you are above the age of forty, you have a high cancer of getting affected by breast cancer. Other than age, giving first birth after a long time and never conceiving a baby can also give birth to breast cancer.

You will be surprised to know there are many women who don’t know what breast cancer symptoms are. Even some doesn’t know what is breast cancer properly. This is the reason of why so many women are losing their lives. The basic symptoms of breast cancer are:

The first symptoms you can see will be lump formation in your breast. You will be able to feel that with your hands. There can be formation of multiple lumps. Sometimes the ump is very small that it cannot be felt with your hands. The size of the lumps can vary.

Secretion from nipples:
Secretion of blood or other fluids from breast nipples can signal towards breast cancer. This is a very poor sing which shows trouble to your breasts.

Breast dimpling:
Another important symptom of breast cancer is dimpling of breast tissues. Dimpling can be formed in multiple places.

Swelling of breasts:
Swelling of breast can also show you are prone to breast cancer. In some cases he nipple colors changes and the surface of the breasts get very rough. Also you will find flakes coming out of the nipples. All these symptoms are not good, and can point towards breast cancer.

Now, is cannot be said if you happen to encounter any of these symptoms, it is necessarily breast cancer. It may be a simple cyst and non cancerous. So, it is important to know what is breast cancer. When you come across any of these signs, it is always better to check your breasts to a renowned doctor. He will be able judge the whereabouts the symptoms better.

Risk factors:
Risk factors of breast cancer depend upon a lot of things.

From research work it can be said that, women who are addicted to smoking and drinking are very much prone to breast cancer. These habits affect their health and take away their immunity power. It is proved by research work that, a woman who smokes and drinks at the same time is 35 – 50 % more prone to breast cancer than a woman who stays away from these habits. So, women who know what is breast cancer should try to avoid these habits, to protect themselves from the disease.

It is said recently that, breast cancer can also be genetic. If breast cancer runs in the family of a woman, she has a high chance to be affected by the deadly disease. Specially, if the mother of that woman has experienced breast cancer at some point of time, there is a very high chance that she too can have breast cancer at some point in his life.
But, some groups say it has nothing to do with genetics. Researchers are going on researching about the genetic issues of breast cancers.

Proper diagnosis is very important for proper treatment. Initially a biopsy test is done to see whether the cyst is cancerous or not. Breast cancer can be diagnosed with the help of mammogram. Sometimes, you do not feel any kind of symptoms. But, if you go under a mammogram procedure, you will be able to see the cancerous cell in your breasts. Other than mammogram, a series of tests are done. Even your pathology reports are equally important for proper diagnosis. Along with breast cancer symptoms, what is breast cancer diagnosis is also an important question.

What is breast cancer
What is breast cancer picture

Breast cancer treatment can be of various types. It totally depends upon the size and type of the tumor.

The most common treatment of breast cancer is surgery. Either the part of the breast where the tumor has formed is removed or the whole breast is removed. Removal of the whole breast through surgery is known as mastectomy. This is done keeping few things in mind. If the cancer is bigger than the breast size or there is multiple numbers of cancer tumors, then it is very important to have a mastectomy. That is the only way to get rid of the breast cancer.

Chemotherapy is also very common treatment for breast cancer. It is followed universally. It is given before and after surgery to kill the rest of the cancerous cells which could not be removed by surgery. Chemotherapy has many side effects, leading to severe hair loss and other physical problems.

Factors for treatment:
Many factors are responsible for treatment of breast cancer. They are:
• Size of the tumor.
• How fast the tumor or cyst is growing.
• The age of the patient is very important. Breast cancer in old women is very complicated.

What is breast cancer? It is a very common questions asked by women from various society. Recently the number of women affecting by breast cancer has increases a lot. So, breast cancer awareness is very important. Breast cancer awareness is nothing but giving women the proper information about what is breast cancer and its symptoms. Some important points on breast cancer awareness are:

• Breast cancer awareness month: the month of October is considered to be the national breast cancer month. Various campaigns are followed in this month to aware women regarding breast cancer, its signs and symptoms and its treatment.

In the end:
What is breast cancer and its symptom is really an important discussion about which every woman should be aware of.
Breasts are assets for women. Every woman wants to pamper their breasts. It enhances their beauty. Women are assets to the world, without them nothing is possible! So, women should be aware of all the basic things regarding what is breast cancer and what are its whereabouts.


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