A Brief Description of Chicken Pox – What is Chicken Pox


Primary Infection with VZV causes Chicken Pox; it is a highly contagious disease. It begins with skin rashes on the head or throughout the body of a human being. By the passing time it becomes more and more itchy, which mostly quite certainly heal the human health without much of the unprecedented scarring. It is a very airborne disease which spreads easily among people by coughing or sneezing, also it can be spread through by direct contact with the rash itself.

A human body which has the infection in it is very infectious two or three days before the rash appears. The bodies remain infectious till all the lesions have gone; it normally takes about Six days or so. As new injuries or lesions keep coming the patients become more and more contagious during this point in time. This disease can happen to gorillas, chimpanzees.

Symptoms of The disease:

The signs of Chicken Pox start from the following:
• Aching muscles, loss of appetite, headache, and nausea for the aged people.
• Fever, rash and malaise follow after it which gives a clear indication of the disease.
• For children the first symptom is the rash. It begins like a small red dot on the face, arms, legs etc.
• After this it takes 10-12 hours to take its own shape like a small bump.

The immense amount of itchiness is usually present at the blister stage. The blisters also appears on the palms, soles, it can be very painful also. In the top of the throat, also in the mouth shallow ulcers may appear. The signs remain for 10 to 21 days after the infection. and the patient is infectious from one or two days before the symptoms take the center stage, remains to be infectious for till four or five days after its appearance. More widespread rash, high fever, many complications can follow the adults. The pregnant women who are non-immune and who have suppressed the immune system have real risk of getting more complication.


With typical early prodromal symptoms and the rashes can be diagnosed for the varicella infection which is very clinical. Diagnosis can be confirmed by the result of the fluid within the rash, or by testing blood for evidence.
By Tsanck smear vesicular can be examined. For a response to acute infection blood tests can be pretty helpful.

Infections during the Pregnancy:

As a result of immunization produced by antibodies are transferred through placenta to the fetus for the pregnant women. But the women who are immune to Chicken Pox should not be worried about themselves during pregnancy because they cannot be infected.

The pregnant woman who suffers from the varicella infection can lead quite unobtrusively to viral transmission or transmigration via the region that provides nutrition to the new born that is the placenta and results in unfortunate infection sustained to the fetus. In the first period of approximately 28 weeks within the phase of gestation, if the Chicken Pox occurs, it can lead to congenital varicella syndrome. Late in gestation the infection is called neonatal varicella. Effects on the fetus can also give them some problems like:

• Brain Damage : Microcephaly, aplasia, encephalitis to brain
• Eye Damage: Optic cup, optic stalk, optic atrophy, cataracts etc.
• Body Damage : Hypoplasia in upper lower extremities
• Disorders to Skin: Lesions occurring in the skin.


Measures of Hygiene:

The spreading of the Chicken Pox can be restricted by the isolating affected individuals with the help of right measure of their hygiene. Maintaining proper hygiene is mandatory particularly because the causes of such diseases are symbolic of improper hygiene and deficiency of nutrients.


Michiaki Takahashi first developed the varicella vaccine 1974. Since 1995 it has been available in USA to fight against the pox. Before entering the elementary school some countries need the varicella vaccination precisely or certainly implementing an exemption. Five years following the initial immunization a second dose is needed because one dose cannot protect you for lifelong, it is a part of the regular immunization in recent days In USA. But the vaccine of Chicken Pox is not a part of the myriad steps for regular schedule as prevalent across the USA. In UK, the people whose lives have become miserable due to this dangerous disease are offered the vaccine on an immediate basis. A person who is vaccinated cannot have a higher case of the disease; he is likely to be infected by a milder case. The vaccines should be taken in the right junctures of time to avoided being tabooed by the disease.

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Such treatment may be made up of reducing the symptoms since there are no actual procedures to cure such critical infection. The immune system clears the infection or virus from the body while some procedures are also available to ease the symptoms. As a keeping measure, the sufferers are ordered to stay at home for restricting them from spreading it among the other persons. The patients are ordered to keep their nails short or to wear hand gloves to prevent them from itching and to cut down the chances of secondary diseases. The condition of a patient is normally resolved by itself within two weeks or so but in between them patients should give attention to their personal hygiene. The varicella zoster virus causes the rash lasts for one month or so, never the less the infectious stage do not take time longer than one or two weeks. In heat and sweat makes the rashes at its worst place so that staying in a cooler place can help a patient by easing the itching of the rashes.

To release the symptoms of such disease known as Chicken Pox, people normally utilize anti-itching creams and lotions. These lotions should not be used on the face or in anywhere close to the eyes. In order to get a relief from such rashes you can use neem leaves by using it in form of paste. Besides applying such neem paste there are some other process too, such as having bath with warm water. Using Neem (Azadirachta Indica) leaves, while having bath can also aid the patient to some extent. Such type of bath can also be done after a week of onset of such vesicles. It can be done very frequently as it will help to reduce the virus as well as can also splash while the time of bath. There is also another genre of bath that too aids the patients to reduce the discomfort from Chicken Pox termed as oatmeal bath.


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