Women experience cardiac complications which is often fatal


Cardiac problems are very common these days and men are most common victims of heart diseases, but women are not spared. In women, heart problems cause about 29 percent of the deaths annually. Usually women are disabled in severe heart conditions. Many young women also develop cardiac problems and have early deaths.

Since more men are affected by heart problems, women go unnoticed and their problems are left untreated leading to impairments. The usual symptom includes chest pain, breathing troubles, nausea, jaw aching, aching of the shoulder and so on, which we often especially pay no heed.

Women run high risks of being victimized by cardiac complications when;

• Age increases. Women and men both become vulnerable to heart problems as they become more and more aged.
• Cardiac diseases are often inherent. If there is a history of heart attacks in your family, then it is very obvious that you may also develop the same problem. People belonging to certain regions of the world have higher tendencies of developing heart diseases.
• If the cholesterol content in blood increases, the artery walls become thickly covered with fat and restrict proper blood flow and leads to heart attack. So body weight must be kept in check to avoid cardiac problems.
• Excessive smoking or drinking leads to heart diseases. Diabetes is also a key factor that leads to heart attack.
• People who stay idle, do not exercise regularly have high risks of experiencing heart problems.

It is evident that a proper lifestyle and a suitable diet are the two important things that can help a person reduce the chances of getting a heart disease.